pictures from mars series

Picture From Mars #69

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The Mars Recon Orbiter investigates carbonate deposits inside McLaughlin Crater. The layers of carbonate suggests the crater was once a lake. Source


Picture From Mars #68

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A law flow from Arsia Mons as seen by the Mars Odyssey satellite. Source


Picture From Mars #67

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Sedimentary layers as seen by the Mars Recon Orbiter. Source


Picture From Mars #66

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Viking 2’s first image from the surface of Mars. Source


Picture From Mars #65 (and now 100 Followers of All Things Geography!)

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A nice global view of Mars as seen by Viking 1 Orbiter. Source


And now I’ve reached 100 followers on All Things Geography!


Picture From Mars #64

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A simulation of an ancient ice age era on Mars 2.1 million to 400,000 yrs ago using Mars Global Surveyor and Viking Orbiter imagery. Variations in the axial tilt contributed greater seasonal variation and atmospheric movement of water vapor leading to the widespread ice deposits and glaciation of the mid-latitudes to 30 degrees N and S. Source


Picture From Mars #63

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A view from Gale Crater by the Curiosity Rover. Source