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Greetings from Burlington, CO!

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From Stratus To Supercells

After a couple days off we were back in action today. We took off from Denver shortly after noon and made the usual trip out west to the KS border. We weren’t expecting much today. After waiting in a wheat field for a little while, we decided to go after a pair of nice looking storms. We observed it from Kanorado (haha get it it’s Kansas and Colorado mixed and it’s a city on the border) before heading back through Burlington to get southwest of it. It was a nice looking storm for a while, but sadly a line of storms came up and squallowed it before it could produce a tornado. It was kind of fun to watch the storms collide. Once that occurred it was game over. At least I got some pretty pictures out of!

Wheat. I am allergic to you. Wheat. I am allergic to you.

Interesting updraft base seen from Kanorado Interesting updraft base seen from Kanorado

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Come Join the New Blog – Hometown Weather

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Hey All Things Geography followers! I just wanted to remind everyone that I now have a new blog: Hometown Weather. This blog is devoted to weather in Seattle, WA and Lincoln, NE – my hometown and current town, respectively; as well as the surrounding areas of Western Washington and Eastern Nebraska. In the past month that the blog has been going, I’ve already discussed everything from arctic blasts to windstorms…as well as more peaceful weather conditions. So come join the blog. The blog has 15 WordPress followers and I’m always looking for more readership. If you enjoyed All Things Geography, you will certainly enjoy Hometown Weather. Thanks!

New Blog :)

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Just wanted to let folks know again about my new blog: Hometown Weather Blog

Devoted to discussion and forecasting of weather in Seattle, WA and Lincoln, NE…my hometown and current town :) Go check it out and follow it if you have any interest in weather phenomena. I hope to post frequently and do some educational postings there too. That will be my primary blog now. Thanks!

New Blog!

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I started a new blog! This one will be totally devoted to weather. Check it out here: Hometown Weather Blog

Check out the introductory post and give it a follow for support. It’s about weather in my hometown of Seattle, WA and my current town of Lincoln, NE. It will be my primary blog from here on out. Thank you for supporting All Things Geography for the past 2+ years!

Update Time

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Hey folks. Just a couple things I wanted to update on.

1. Didn’t get the GIS job. Interview went well, but ultimately they chose someone else. I’ve stopped job searching now and will resume job searching (mostly for meteorology job positions) next Fall leading towards my graduation.

2. My graduate research is going well. I completed the data analysis in line with the goals outlined in my methodology written up over the summer. I also was assigned a research project adviser earlier this week who will work with me on completing the research. I will go to Mississippi State to (among other things) present my research before fellow students and faculty, the last full week of June in 2015. For those who don’t know, my research involves understanding if a relationship exists between tropical cyclone size and wind impacts along the northern Gulf Coast of the US. The research also includes some interesting climatological data related to tropical cyclone damaging winds.

3. I’m considering to starting a new blog..a weather-related blog…in line with my interests and ultimate career prospects. Obviously I haven’t kept up much with this blog (lol), but I would like to make time for a weather blog with the intent of informing and educating the public. Especially since the weather is always changing and there’s always something new. In addition, running a weather blog would keep me better in tune with the concepts I’ve been educated on. Of course, such a blog would be in layman’s terms and hopefully interesting and fun. I just noticed much of my recent postings have been about weather, so I might as well make a blog exclusively about weather. I’ll figure out the focus of such a blog and if I decided to create it, I’ll post the link a few times on this blog to give those of you interested in my meteorology side an opportunity to follow it and enjoy it :)

As a side note…the National Weather Association recently began a new certification for Digital Weather Blogs/Podcasts. It requires a long-term part or full-time blog commitment which involves informing and educating the public about weather. Considering my history of blogging over the years, I’d love to receive this certification at some point in the future. If you’re interested in reading more about the certification, here’s a FAQ statement on the qualifications HERE.

That’s all for now. Thanks for supporting All Things Geography!

Life Update – new GIS job interview

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I finally have some time so here is a life update :)

I applied and did an interview yesterday for another GIS internship position. This was a face-to-face interview for an agricultural company in Omaha, NE. The job would involve mapping & spatial analysis (mapping and analyzing crop plots, distribution and transportation of grain/fertilizer products, crop yield, etc), working with geodatabases, data manipulation, and some programming (using python). The interview was actually FOUR different interviews. I had to interview with the senior GIS Analyst, two business managers, and the IT specialist. It took nearly two hours. The interviews went well I think…although I had some trouble answering some technical questions from the IT specialist (he was basically gauging my experience dealing with data and data manipulation). I do wish I had more experience with certain topics such as computer programming (beyond the FORTRAN programming language), and more with the modeling side of GIS. But, knowledge is knowledge and they thought I was an interesting enough candidate to interview. So we’ll see. I’ll find out within a couple weeks. They would of course train me beyond my base knowledge and get me deeper into how they do GIS, especially mapping and web-based products. If I received the position, I would (at least for the time being) commute to Omaha at least a few days a week. The job would be on weekdays only.

That’s about the highlight in terms of life. School is still school. Later I’ll hopefully post an update about some recent geographic happenings, including Tuesday’s earthquake near Nicaragua and the Tropical Storm Ana and Hurricane Gonzalo threatening Hawaii and Bermuda, respectively.

Biking Denali in the Fall, Take Two

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2013 Bike Trip cut Short 2013 Bike Trip cut Short

I love Alaskan fall. Growing up in Georgia, fall was always one of my favorite seasons. I love everything about it-how the cold air fills my lungs, and how seeing the frost on my tent in the mornings reminds me that winter is near. It also reminds me of my childhood, when the family use to go camping each year in Georgia in the fall. I like how a few birds are still around, but for the most part, the forest quiets down. I’m not a full time runner, but my favorite time to go running is for sure in the fall. I love listening to the crackle of a fire. I like how fall fire usually means sitting around for hours talking about life. You can do that year around, but there is something about fall that makes people calmer. Open.

Anyways, fall, on many…

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